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"Limbo is an independent singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area who has been performing, composing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering her own songs since 2013. She is adept at fusing RnB and hip hop beats she creates with hints of lo-fi sounds and dream pop. Influenced by Baths, Regina Spektor, Tennyson, and many other underground Bay Area artists, she has mixed the echoes of their influence with her own inimitable style to create a unique sound that is her own. 
 While she receives much talk due to the fact that she performs with her face obscured by a cat mask and has posted little to no information about herself online, it's important to note that this is not a gimmick or joke. In fact, it's a part of her creative. What matters most to her is the music, not appearance; so sit back, listen, and let the mystery be."


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